Music Studies

Play music the way the pros play music. 

Understand the language of music.

Music is a language like any spoken language.

It’s an auditory sound that communicates ideas, feelings and concepts

Learn to Play, Compose, Arrange and Improvise

Express yourself with this amazing timeless language


Music Coaching for all Instruments

Instruments taught: Vibes  / Piano / Drums

Jazz Improvisation

Music Theory

Ensemble Coaching


Now accepting students - beginner to advanced

Lessons designed based on your level and goals

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Some of the Benefits of Playing Music


Enjoyment / Fun

Feeling of Accomplishment

 Enhanced Self Esteem

Improved Focus

Logical Thinking

Mental Exercise

Music Appreciation






Music is a language like any spoken language.

An auditory sound that conveys ideas and concepts.



We all learned our native language by sound and meaning long before we could read, write or spell. We all knew what a cat was and the sound of the word cat before we learned how to spell and to read the word C A T. The word cat is a symbol in the English language spoken and written, to represent the actual animal. This is a very specific idea with a very specific mental image. Although we would all picture a cat it would not be the same cat. It could be a house cat, a wild cat, a lion or tiger, or even a hip ‘jazz cat”. We need other words to make the idea of a cat more specific. Oh, this is getting more complicated. Yes it is, but we do this all day, everyday. Music can also be complicated but, it can also be as simple as

" C A T ".


Playing music without knowing what the ideas the notes are implying, is like speaking a foreign language with out knowing the meaning of the words we are saying.


In a spoken language, we use our voice to make the sounds of the language. In music, we use a musical instrument as well as our voices to create the sounds of the language. 


The notes played or sung represent ideas and concepts, musical ideas and concepts. They move us emotionally. They stimulate memories. They relax or energize us. They arouse our imagination. They create a mood. They make us move. They inspire us! 


We play upbeat music to help us do physically and mentally active things. Exercise /clean the house/ drive the car and have a party. We play mood music when we’re with that special someone. All religions have music to help people connect to their spiritual side. We use music to dance to, to work to, to relax to, to have fun to, to be sad to, to celebrate to, to socialize to, and to keep us company.


We have music with us everyday of our lives and yet only a small percentage of us know how to speak and interpret this beautiful language. It’s a lifetime journey to discover music but one with many, many rewards.


Music is all around us, it would be hard to imagine life with out music.


To begin to understand music and begin expressing ourselves with this language can be a very powerful thing. Learning to play even simple songs can begin to connect us to this amazing timeless language. When we learn the basics of music it can open up the world of what we are hearing everyday.

  It’s like learning a new word. Once we learn a new word we hear this word over and over. Did they just start to say this word because I learned it? No of course not, it’s because you have become aware of it and now hear and understand it. This will happen with music. You will learn something and then you will hear it in the music that surrounds you. When you hear these ideas hopefully this will inspire you to take this idea and use it in your own way. Now you are interacting with the language of music. The lifetime journey has begun. 


One does not have to be a concert level or professional musician to connect with music. Music is for everyone to enjoy and be a part of


We are not all poets, playwrights actors or authors but we all have the capability to use language to express ourselves. Music can also be a very powerful tool to help you express yourself. Music can express ideas and feelings that words just cannot. We can all learn to use music to express ourselves as well. 


Please feel free to contact me to discuss the beginning or continuation of your exploration of this timeless language called music.





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